Realizing your value through Christ

Happy Monday Guys ūüôā

I hope everyone is off to the start of a fantastic week. ¬†Mine has started off as a Monday. ¬†I had been “cooking” dinner in my crock pot for about 2 hours when I noticed I did not even plug in the crock pot. ¬†Oh well maybe it will still be ready for dinner ūüėČ ¬†Anyways on to what is on my heart today. ¬† I have written about before I got serious ¬†I tried so many things and never stuck with it. ¬†I was looking at everything as a diet or quick fix. ¬†Nothing really truly changed and I didn’t truly want lifestyle change till I TRULY realized my value in Christ. ¬†I realized I was worth investing in for myself and for those I love. ¬†When I went on a fitness journey it was about sooooo much more than just weight loss and truly I didn’t even know that till I began my journey. ¬†Once I realized my worth in Christ I was actually able to follow through and lose the weight and truly change my lifestyle. ¬†My relationship with both Jesus and my husband ¬†grew deeper. See Trapped in survival mode‚Ķ.¬† and I knew it had to change‚Ķ.¬†I realized through Christ ultimate love I was valuable. ¬†I had grown up saying and hearing this but it wasn’t till I TRULY believed how valuable I was and started taking ACTION on things that things changed. ¬†Look, us ladies naturally wear a lot of hats and have tons of insecurities. Maybe yours aren’t with needing to go on a fitness journey or needing to lose weight. We sometimes struggle with self-worth. ¬†Truly the only person that can make you feel valuable and worth it at a core level all the time is Jesus! ¬†I have talked to so many people, who were once like I was, and want change but don’t know how and ask me what changed and my secret. The truth is I had to realize it wouldn’t be quick or painless ¬†and I had to realize my worth and this was a journey worth taking with Jesus! Look, the truth is it comes with much effort involved. ¬†When Jesus takes us on a journey to realize our worth I believe he so wants us to experience his best and what he has for it. ¬†That means there will be work, sacrifice, and dedication. ¬†Without those things along the way we couldn’t truly learn and see all he has for us. ¬†Jesus wants us to be confident women who are sure of our worth through him. He wants to equip us to see we are valuable and cherished and worth investing in. ¬†( Now, I am NOT talking cocky and arrogant as that is the complete opposite of truly being confident in Jesus and his heart for us.) ¬†However, when we go on a journey with Jesus it is a journey that takes worth and effort. ¬†He WILL equip you and show you amazing things along the journey if you let him this I can promise you from first hand experience!! ¬†I can not STAND the word diet as the way the American population has made it. ¬†A diet is simply what you eat! ¬†It is not a quick fix to lose weight. ¬†Look, bottom line. ¬†I went on a fitness journey with Jesus, not a diet, and through that he truly gripped and changed my heart and lifestyle. ¬†I believe with 100% of my heart than if you are where I was, truly needing change and wanting change, Jesus will walk with you through the journey and show you things about yourself and make you come alive in new ways if you truly want it. ¬†However, please please friends remember this a journey and he cares so much about us he doesn’t want us missing the journey and trying for quick fixes that don’t work. ¬†He wants to truly grip our hearts, renew us, make us confident women who know our worth through him. ¬†It will take effort and stretch you. ¬†My heart is truly for all of us women to realize this even if you may not personally need a fitness journey!! ¬†Blessings!

Ps. ¬†I will leave you with these 2 quotes with one of my fav quotes ever and so much truth by Lysa Terkeurst and then one of my littles biking to town today as it just makes me smile and thankful ūüôā


Starting Somewhere

Good Afternoon guys ūüôā

Today I want to talk really quickly about something that I think is the biggest hurdle for starting a fitness journey or anything we need to do or change in life. ¬†It is simply STARTING! ¬†Starting and getting on a routine and changing the way things have been done in my personal opinion is half the battle. ¬†We all know to expect different results we have to do different things. ¬†It is really simple in theory but can hard to put into action. ¬†Old habits and routines are hard to break up and change sometimes even when they are for our good. ¬†However, it is ALWAYS worth it! ¬†I think it is also important to remember that when you start you won’t be where you will a month from now, 6 months from now, or even 3 years from now. ¬†Guys if you had told me 4 years ago I would be active daily (and enjoy it) and I would take long hikes, bike rides, and runs I would have told you that you were crazy and obviously didn’t know me. ¬†The point is had I ¬†never been active or into truly leading a healthy and active lifestyle in my adult life. ¬† Now I will be honest. ¬†When I first started changing my lifestyle I couldn’t run a whole mile on the treadmill. ¬†I would walk 3 miles at a moderate pace for me at the time with some intervals. ¬†I kept pushing myself and realized I liked the progress. ¬†I then, over time, took it a step further and tried different things. ¬†However, the simple and harsh reality is if I had never started at the small place I did then I would never have been able to experience different activities and realize I enjoyed way more than I thought I did. ¬†Progress takes time and comes sometimes in impressive gains and sometimes at the pace of a snail but it is worth it!!! ¬†Changing routines and getting out of ruts and old patterns is hard and takes time, but now I couldn’t imagine life being any other way and I’m so beyond thankful! ¬†If you have to make big changes like I myself did don’t look at it as one daunting goal. ¬†This is super overwhelming! ¬†Look at it as a place to start and grow and continue growing. ¬†I am definitely still growing and pray that never ever changes. If you are at a point where you need to start remember don’t be too hard on yourself but START and be consistent and realize the joy of the process and transformation. ūüôā ¬†Have a wonderful day guys! ūüôā

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