Christianise and some random thoughts…

“Christianity is decaying and going down into the gutter because the God of modern christianity is not the God of the bible.” A.W. Tozer

Wow what a way to start a post huh 😉  I will preface and say I go to an amazing church that loves people well. P  This post is about our American christian culture as a whole and my general heart on this topic.  This has been on my heart a lot lately.  My husband and I were talking about Christianise and how it has hurt so many people and creeps up almost everywhere.  It started with a discussion about marriages and how many marriages are hurting and people seem to think our area has more hurt marriages that some other areas.  I was telling him I am not sure that is the case as I have seen hurt marriages and broken people everywhere we have lived. My husband made a profound comment to me that I have been thinking about and 100% agreed.  He said, “Babe I don’t think our area has any more hurt people and broken marriages than anywhere else as they are everywhere but I think our area debunks Christianise.” I was intrigued by his observation but it started a deep discussion.  There have been some places I have lived where almost the whole population is “christian”.  Everyone in those areas knows who Jesus is and attends church.  However, in many of those places there are a lot of hurt marriages and hurting people who feel the need to pretend it is all okay.  Statistics definitely help validate this point.  Where I currently live people don’t seem to pretend.  People don’t go to church because it is “expected”.  You can’t really measure someone’s relationship with Jesus by if they are in church and I feel this is true no matter where you live. I am NOT saying fellowship with other christians and outreach is not important.  However, in our “American Christianese culture” as a whole we measure someone’s faith and the christian population of an area by whether people are in church and how many new people are coming in.  Look, people can go to church without being saved.  We can all look the part for anything in life without really changing.  For instance, I can go watch my team play football every week and show up faithfully, however without being involved on the team I am NOT part of the team. We can show up for church and pretend it is fine and we have a relationship with Jesus and not.  I have been there before myself  until I craved more and really dug deep and was grasped by Jesus to make my faith into a real relationship.  I am NOT anti church.  There are some great churches that truly care about people, including mine.  I think we should be involved with church and community and that is hugely my heart.  However, I am ANTI evaluating if someone is saved or not by Sunday attendance and their pretending life is perfect. If we don’t take the time to truly know people and walk and DO LIFE with them we will never know the real person.  If we all feel we have to “play a part” and we are good then we have Christianity backwards for sure!  If we can’t understand why so many don’t want to come church and play a “Christianise game” then we need to re-evaluate. We ARE the Church!  We will all screw up and need Grace.  However, we need to see where our hearts are.  Our American christian culture has, as a whole, equated the church model to a business model.  If we are tithing to our church and yet our church isn’t helping our community then we have it backwards. If our community food banks and programs are caring and loving on people more than we in the church are that is wrong.   If we care more about our sunday church attendance then we do caring and loving people daily maybe it is time to re-evaluate.  If we equate attendance and growth as to how healthy our church is we have it wrong.  Christianese can creep in fast and it can and has hurt a lot of people.  Our relationship with Jesus matters, things that break his heart matter (including morally), our relationship with others matter, and loving people and truly walking out life with them matter. Understanding people’s hurts matter.  My hearts cry for myself and others is for us to “drop the Christianese” and love people and care about people and invest in people.  If we don’t than we have a mere business based religion that no one wants.  I know I DON’T want that!  If that is what christianity is then I’m out has been the general point I have gotten from a lot of people I have talked to  and you know what I AGREE with them!  That is NOT who Jesus is or what our aim should be.  “Christianese” hurts people.


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