The outpouring of the heart…

I will head this off with a warning….This post  is nothing based on weigh loss specifically though I did apply some of this through my journey and will bring it together at the end of this post.  I have something on my heart and kind where God has been taking me personally.  In proverbs 4:23 it says “Above all else guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it.  In the new testament there is also TONS on the heart.  For example, Romans 12:8 says “Let no debt remain outstanding, except the continuing debt to love one another, for whoever loves others have fulfilled the law.” Jesus and Paul both talked a lot about our hearts and guarding our hearts as well as truly loving others.  This past few years God has been showing me how important it is truly be pure with what flows from our hearts. For example, I think about with my marriage. I don’t want to love my husband based upon a list of things to do, yet I want to truly love him and connect with him on a heart level and I want him to do the same.  If not then we don’t have a true marriage.  I don’t want my children just to follow my rules because I say they need to. I want love for Jesus and others to be in their hearts and the reason they choose to do things.  I don’t want to raise children who know my rules but have never had any heart behind it, because then they are following a “plan” and that’s what keeps them on the right track so to speak. (DISCLAIMER : I  do know when you are a parent sometimes we have to make boundaries and pray our children’s heart follows.  I know part of the job of parenting is to establish boundaries for your children to follow, however I hope to show my children the heart and why behind these boundaries and rules ) I personally don’t want to do things just because I need to check them off my list.  Look this may be controversal but I think a  HUGE problem with “american christianity” is so many times we look at things as boxes to check off with no heart behind why we are doing things.  We look to do things to get it checked off our list with no true heart behind it.  Look, I know we are all human and at times we know we just have to do things and we have to be willing to die to self and know that the heart will follow.  However, I DO NOT want that to be my life verse and song.  I want to love others truly because God first loved me.  I want to build community because I love people.  I  want people to know I’m real and make mistakes and  I screw up but my heart is pure.   I am so thankful for a savior who loves me and bestows grace and mercy upon me, yet I pray daily to have my heart transformed to love people BIGGER and MORE.  Look people MATTER!!  We have such an awesome Lord who loves us and when we truly can grasp that as much as our humans minds can we truly want to love others.  I have known religion and of God my whole life but my faith truly didn’t really start becoming my own till my 20s when I truly started developing relationship and seeing Jesus and his truths for myself, not as a box of something I had always known. Once I truly had the heart to seek him and make my relationship with him truly my own I really started knowing him and his heart.

With my weight struggles before  I had success I  always looked at my weight and issues as something to check off. Yes, I needed to lose weight and get healthy but truly for a long  time I had no heart behind my motives to truly take action and get healthy.  I would try something with no heart behind it and it may work short-term or whatever but I wouldn’t stick with it.  My heart wasn’t in it. It was not till I truly put my heart into wanting to get healthy and change my lifestyle  I had true transformation to make my weight loss journey happen.  NOT just the idea of it but truly wanting to change and willing to put in the effort. ( Yes, even with our heart in things we have to put in effort it just changes the attitude we have behind the effort and usually makes our effort truly a 100% effort)  I  honestly  had to get to this point in my relationship with The Lord and my marriage as well.  Things never really changed till I changed my heart and I was ready to take action.

My burden and desire is to truly have a HEART to love others, put in effort for things that matter, and not look at things in my life as just boxes to check off.  When I have looked at things and people as boxes to check– and oh have I with so many things at different times of my life, it either made be give up or made me biter. May we truly have the heart to put in the effort to love people and make effort and heart change for the things that matter to us.  It is WORTH IT!



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