Same song different verse ;)

Good afternoon Guys!

I know I said last year I planned to blog more regularly and that plan didn’t work out so well :/  We ended up moving back to Colorado by God’s grace YAY!!!! I am so thankful for our life and community here.  No, everything is not perfect but I am so thankful to be back where is home to my family.  We def are a mountain family.  Spring is starting to peak in the High Rockies and I can hardly wait to get in more outdoor runs, hikes, bike rides, and some glorious camping!  I do plan on blogging again more regular.  I am a wife and mom first and life has been very full lately, but I greatly have missed blogging.  I plan on sharing adventures, weight loss journey tips, tips for nutrition that have worked for me, fun things I do to stay active, and sharing bits about being a mom, homeschooling, marriage, and things God is laying on my heart currently.  I am going to try to make it my goal to post a minimum of once per week SERIOUSLY 😉


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