Raw and Honest…A Call to ACTION and why we can’t just “rest” in everything

Happy Friday Guys!

I have been thinking about writing this post for a while and after reading this article by Shelia at To Love Honor and Vacuum I felt like today was the day to say what is on my heart.  In the linked article Shelia talks about how we must get to the point where we love our bodies and see our body is our friend and something we want to take care of.  I SOOOO agree!  For far to many years I saw my body as my enemy.  I would try a diet or some advice that someone had shared (aka a pat answer or suggestion)  or I had read and of course it didn’t work and I never changed.  I never developed lifestyle habits to truly change by doing that. However, I’m going to go a step father in my post today.  As I said it is raw and honest.  Throughout my  20s I spent a good 6 to 8 years intentionally praying on things I wanted and needed to change in my life, including my weight, but if I am really honest I was not doing anything to actually change these things. I was doing life the way I had always done life but yet I wanted different results.  HORRIBLE COMBO and thankfully once I realized it with my weight God opened my eyes to many different ways I was doing the same thing yet wanting different results. It was a harsh reality to realize I was not taking action with things in my life.   I thought I was “resting in God”, which of course can be important, but I really honestly was not taking any ACTION steps to change my life. Many times true trust and faith requires us to do our part and take steps to change.  I  I had become comfortable in my misery without realizing it. My cop out became just leaving something  “at the feet of Jesus” and “just trusting  him to work it out”.  He was actually calling me to take ACTION steps to change those things in my life that were making me miserable.  Sometimes, he calls us to do things that aren’t comfortable if we truly want change.  Once I truly realized this and was able to see my own faults and areas I could take action on, I finally felt TRUE FREEDOM!!  I finally felt like I was coming alive.  My husband and I started talking about the things we wanted for our life, marriage, family  not just what we had always known and seen and thought we should do “just because that is expected and what everyone else was doing”.   Yes, we absolutely must trust in his timing on things we can’t control, but also if we are miserable or just living life out life the way we’ve always known or done, not truly what God has intended for us, we are making excuses not to change.  For instance, my husband and I had always longed for seasons and living in the mountains.  We strongly dislike the heat and humidity where we are from, but for many many years we just talked about it and how nice it would be to one day change.  We were miserable, but yet we weren’t taking any action steps other than praying to one day move.  However, once we truly said God has laid upon our hearts to move, we are going to trust him, but we are going to actively seek this out it happened and we are so thankful it did!  We realized what home was to us and that we were just different that all we had ever known.  It was NOT completely easy and did indeed require action on our part, but my point is had we never taken steps to actually pursue it we NEVER would have and would still be talking about it.  (full disclosure—we do live back in that same area for a small season until fall but it is totally different this time as the reasons we are here are different and we are moving on) However, on the flip sometimes we must do our part but yet rest in God’s timing.  I was ready to be back in the mountains from almost the day we arrived back here, but it wasn’t God’s timing.  It was hard to come to grips with that and that moving back here was a mistake, but we had 2 options continue living here and stay miserable and dwell on it or make plans, while heading to The Lord, and move on.  This is my raw honest heart today and hope that we all take ACTION when needed (no matter if it weight or healthy lifestyle or something completly different) and know how awesome The Lord is.  He is so patient as he had to be patient with me for many many years and I so wished I had reconized it sooner, yet I’m so thankful for his grace, love, and understanding when it took me so long to “get it”. Happy Friday Friends!


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