Keep on Moving even when it is hard

Good Afternoon Guys!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Tuesday.  I want to encourage myself and hopefully others today.  As I mentioned yesterday, I live in an area, that for me, is hard for me to lead  the type active lifestyle I have become accustomed to.  I love to cycle, run, and hike.  I enjoy it for exercise but also because it is enjoyable time to be outside.  However, right now that is not the case!  It is very hot and humid and summer is already in full bloom here in the Deep South.  If you aren’t familiar with the Deep South it is very hot and humid and it affects me the way the winter can sometimes effect others.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE the summers of about the mids 70s to 80 and cooling off in the evenings.  (mountain summers) and mountain life living in general.  However, for this short season I am here.  I may not be able to ENJOY the outdoors and activity as much as I’d like but it is still important to me and my overall goals.  I sometimes dread my runs, but with that said, that isn’t an excuse NOT to run or be active.  I feel SO MUCH better when I am active on a daily basis and I also believe in continuing to take care of myself and make it a priority (as we do anything else important to us) even when it is a season that is less enjoyable. Here is a great article which list some benefits of making exercise or an active lifestyle part of your routine.  For you, maybe you enjoy the heat, but you are short on time so exercise can seem hard to plan at this time.  Maybe it is hard to gain the courage to truly start a routine to change your life. Maybe you have tried and quit and don’t want that to happen again.  Or maybe you are actually enjoying your current season of being active which is so awesome!  Regardless where we are with our lives let us all be  #noexcuses people who make being active and healthy a part of our life no matter the season 🙂 I will leave on that note and a picture, since I’m a huge fan of keeping it real!  This is how I look after a run down here.  SO very hot and sticky and I have to take a few minutes to cool off.  Yes I know I look ridiculous 😉  However, it is what works in this season.  I am having to change my plan but not my overall goal.  Have a wonderful evening guys!IMG_8552


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