Keep On Moving…..

Today I had plans of getting into my story and how it all started, but I decided to take a pit stop for encouragement. I will be honest this encouragement is as much for myself as it is for anyone reading this because lately sometimes I REALLY have to push myself through my workouts. I do, however, hope it encourages someone reading 🙂

About a month ago my family picked up and moved to Colorado for my husband’s job. We all love mountains and winter sports, but still this move has been very hard and challenging in a multitude of ways. Things are very different in lots of ways, my hubs is building a department that needs major restructuring so he has to be gone a lot, and well we miss our family and things of the south. We are adjusting but it’s certainly been an adjustment. These things called “life” always seem to dampen our workout routines or at least mine. You have to get your motivation when you mind is clearly on other things that at the moment are more pressing. Add to that layer the fact I live about 8000 feet above sea level and you have a real disaster for workout motivation. (The reason 8000 feet above sea level makes a difference is because of altitude adjustments. I’m thankfully not too terribly altitude sensitive but it still makes a HUGE difference when you workout and you FEEL it. Its harder to get oxygen so therefore it makes running and physical activity much harder because 1- you are out of breath 2- your muscles tire much faster. The only positive is its suppose to make you in much better shape if you do train at higher altitudes I guess time will tell on that one! kidding— well sort of 😉 )

See somedays I feel like giving up. Yes even now after all this time. Certainly with life right now it would seem easier, however, one thing I know differently than I did when I started my fitness journey is the end results are worth the effort! I will also add when I push through (even though I feel like I’m DYING and just starting out again) I ALWAYS feel better and I’m grateful I pushed through. I’m certainly not the fastest runner or even a great runner –I’m NOT!! ((CONFESSION– I don’t even just love running but I do LOVE the way it makes me FEEL so its worth it.)) However, consistency has worked to my advantage. For the past 18 months I have through the grace of God remained very consistent with my workout routines no matter how I feel. (Please note I am not saying you don’t need rest days you totally do and I will discuss that more later however lots of times we can find 1000 excuses and even some decent reasons as to why we can’t exercise today or why we don’t have the time.) This is especially true when life is crazy, but truthfully when life is crazy and busy I NEED the exercise and “me” time even more! My relationship with Christ is the same way. He loves me regardless but I certainly grow in my relationship with him when I spend time daily with him. The point of this post is to keep moving LITERALLY! Or for some of you to start moving!! You will make progress if you stick with it and are consistent. I’m living proof of that. You may be slow and out of shape ( I was severely out of shape when I started) but be consistent moving and you will be glad. It WILL be worth it. I promise!!
Have a great evening friends!


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