Hello World!

Good Afternoon!

I have been asked by numerous people to start a blog about my weight loss journey so I decided to take the plunge.  In December 2013 I decided to get serious about my health and start loosing weight and getting healthy.  There were numerous things that caused me to get to this point and I want to share them in the upcoming post in hopes that my story can help someone.  My story is slightly different than most.  Before I could even begin to be effective at weight loss I had to search my heart and see some things very out of place with my life.  I had to realize I had been in a state of depression and “going through the motions” and that wasn’t what I wanted or the life I felt God was calling me to live.  Please note this is my story I will be telling and I know everyone’s story is different but at the heart of weightloss journeys I feel a lot of times there is a deeper heart issue.  I will share mine tomorrow.  🙂  I hope to use this blog to be encouragement to others, have a community of support, and share my heart for marriage and family.  Have a great evening 🙂


One thought on “Hello World!

  1. My wife is like a lot of people in that she too wants to lose weight and about 100lbs would get her where she should be for better health. Her knees are a wreck and she has had surgery on one without much relief. I know she will never read this blog but perhaps I can understand what motivated you and in turn help her. No, I don’t mean nag her or be the food police, but help her stay the course of what ever she chooses to do. I too could lose about 100 lbs and maybe together we can help one another. I know being overweight affects her self image, not as in being a “fatty”, but as in living a life not under control and giving her a sense of failing to maintain adequate health.


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